Refresh Your Inventory

For those of you who resell, always refresh your inventory.  Every couple of days I review my inventory, see what has been for sale for 30 days, take the listing down, and put it back in a slightly different price (up or down), move the pictures, and change the title, and it ends up by selling.  This doesn’t happen all the time, but more times than not it will sell.  I have been selling my Christmas items after Christmas – just because it is after the holidays, people still buy them, and you should list it if you have it.  Selling out of season is okay too.  There will always be people who live in areas where the weather doesn’t vary, or they buy when they see a good deal.

Humble Homestead’s First Blog Post

This is the post excerpt.

Today is January 1st, 2020;  Happy New Year!

I set my weekly goals for the year today, and I know those goals will change through out the year, but I wanted to get something on paper to keep me accountable.  These are my weekly goals:

  1. List 30 items a week on one or more e-commerce platforms
  2. Bookkeeping/Accounting 4 times a week
  3. Instagram posts 4 times a week
  4. Work on Affiliate posts 2 days a week
  5. Refresh my e-commerce stores 2 times a week
  6. Blog 3 times a week