Claiming your day!

Seize The Day • Devotional

To seize the day, you must own the day.

To second way to achieve your goals and to own your day, is to NAME YOUR DAY. For example, “Today is my day of Productivity.” When your day has a name, you have a focus in your mind, and you will be able to make the small choices and decisions necessary to keep your day on track. Your choices that day will be based on your day’s name – your day’s goal.

And every day does not have to be different – perhaps you need several days named “Productivity”! But name each day. Here are a few ideas – could you use a day of Decision, of Study, of Organizing, of Efficiency, of Preparation, of Helpfulness, of Rejuvenation, of Value, of Diligence? Start with an easy one – how about a day of Activity or Work?

Try it. Name your day. Write it down. Remind yourself throughout the day of what you want that day to be, and at the end of the day, evaluate. Did your day live up to its name? I believe you will like this tool, and it is a great way to help you win the day.

When you name something, it becomes personal. Names have great meaning. In the Gospels. Jesus renamed Simon to Peter – the Rock. Peter then had a name to live up to and he became the man that fulfilled his name. His life’s calling was in his name.

Name your day. Make it have meaning.